Here’s what some musicians have said about Tim Stone’s music…

“When I listen to ‘No Turn Unstoned’,
it pulls  me right in and takes me to
a place where no one else is.
I listen to a lot of music and this
happens very rarely. The subtle
musicianship and combination
of sounds trickle down the spine
like an unexpected raindrop –
in my opinion an exceptional album.”

Candi – Editor,  Music Maker  Magazine

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Phil Gould from Level 42

” Tim’s a fucking motherfucker who plays guitar like a fucking motherfucker “

Phil Gould – Level 42

” Think about the word ‘music’ for a second, it possesses no borders or limits. Multi instrumentalist Tim Stone is many things to many people, more so a virtuoso guitarist, his own dynamic front person and a singer songwriter of the highest order with an ever growing fan base. 

Listening to Tim Stone’s album ‘No Turn Un-Stoned’, you visualise how a painter approaches the canvas, with each talented stroke of the brush, in Stone’s case playing and singing from the heart.

One of my favourite tracks on this album is the dark and haunting ‘Taste Of You’, shuffling along with a weighty bass line, multi guitar overdubs and vibrant harmonies, whilst the beautiful acoustic instrumental Siberia is reserved for wet Sunday afternoons.

From the Jazz influence of John Scofield, the acoustic taped echo essence of John Martyn, to the often manic
in-depth concept of Adrian Belew, Stone approaches the guitar with such enthusiasm, vigour and pace, rarely witnessed on record or on the live circuit. Great Stuff. “

Lars Mullen, freelance writer, reviewer.

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Bassist Yolanda Charles

” Tim is a unique guitar player, he just doesn’t
sound like anybody else “

Yolanda Charles – bass, Robbie Williams,
Paul Weller and many others

Dave Sturt Bassist” Tim is a musician of true passion and skill. He has always impressed
me by taking his solos seemingly to the point of no return and then
pulling off the most amazing feats of musical escapism – a true Houdini of the axe ! ”

Dave Sturt – bass, David Gilmore, Bill Nelson and many others

“Tim’s input into the Jade Warrior ‘NOW’ album, with his  musicality and phenomenally inventive guitar work, has enriched every track he did for us. On more than one occasion has turned an ailing track around.”

Jon Field