When I started to take up the guitar again a friend of mine suggested TimStone. 4 years later I am still taking lessons. I have moved onto a different plane. I now write record and play and he has even got me singing. Tim’s approach to teaching is unique he keeps it at the level you want. He can do anything and he can get you do things that even you didn’t think possible. Most of all he makes it fun and although you are learning it is done in such a way that you want to come back for more. The man does not just teach he enthuses and what a wicked sense of humour. “”

Michael Kain




The best guitar lesson I ever had

Ollie Brum (Great pro guitarist from the Access to Music session musician’s course)




Hi There Tim,

Sorry for the unsolicited email but I seem to remember that I saw you play and MU W/shop in Cleethorpes maybe some 25 years ago and I just wanted to say thank you and wow – your playing just blew me away – thank you!

Since then I went on to Leeds College of Music (read boring modern jazz shit) and, well …. all sorts of stuff: The Leeds thing was good in that I got to interview Bill Frisell on whom I based my “contemporary scene” thesis along with Sco and Joe Lovano.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know the impact your appearance had (I know I am not the only one with fond memories of that night) it made a difference.


Andy Simons




A few sessions with Tim got me completely unstuck and enthused with new possibilities. With his help, I now play mainly my own music, in various styles and feel no end musical growth.

Dave Farmer